We offer a full range of heavy contracting services with the ability to sub-contract any vital service component that is not currently within our wheel house. Please view of services below and contact us if you have questions on specific service offerings or for more information on our experience as it relates to your next project.

  1. EarthworkEarthwork We specialize in all aspects of earth moving including mass grading, embankment and levee construction, highway construction, waste water ponds, and dam and spill-way construction.
  2. UtilitiesUtilities We provide new and replacement utility construction including storm sewer, sanitary sewer, water distribution, and lift station construction.
  3. EnvironmentalEnvironmental We offer soil remediation, hazardous material clean-up, bank stabilization, channel excavation, natural disaster clean-up, large scale emergency flood protection, and rip-rap slope protections.
  4. Civil ConstructionCivil Construction We have the capability to complete civil projects including street, highway, full re-construction, concrete and asphalt, and utility work. This also includes commercial and non-commercial projects. We utilize a full-range of GPS equipment throughout the project to ensure correct drainage and grading integrity.
  5. AggregateAggregate We offer a full range of aggregate materials including sand and gravel, washed products, custom crushing, and material recycling which we source directly from our local gravel pit locations. We offer Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota DOT spec. materials for your projects, and we can deliver on-site material hauling.
  6. TruckingTrucking We provide trucking services for all aspects of the construction process. This includes heavy hauling, side dumps, low-boy hauling, quad dump trucks, and gravel end dumps.